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Movies @ The Beach!

I'm Back!

So lets talk movies @ the beach.

I have always hated movie theatres! So cramped and wondering if you'll find decent seats where you and your peeps can sit together without it being on the front row!

Oh, and how uncomfortable those seats are! Not to mention how gross those seats are!

My family had to always beg me to go see a movie.

Now, I go once a week. Yep, you heard that right, once a week! I look for ANY family friendly movie that is out that we can go see.


Cinemark at Coastal Grand Mall has new Luxury Loungers (folks, an electric recliner!) and only reserved seating. You can simply download the Cinemark App on your phone, click on the movie you want to see, pick which seats (there is a diagram of all the seating with numbers), put in your credit card info, and BAM you just Reserved the best movie experience. Not to mention you earn points and prizes by using the App. No lines to stand in. You just show the bar code on the App when you go to give the person your tickets to tear. You can also scan the code they give you to earn extra points when buying popcorn and snacks! Perfect thing to do on a rainy day at the beach!

You're welcome.

Till the next episode...

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