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Hollywood Wax Museum

I have drove by the Hollywood Wax Museum many, many times. It looked like so much fun!

So yesterday my family and I got to experience ALL of it in its glory!

I think we took a thousand pictures. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, and we went at our own pace looking at each individual wax likeness of the celebrities. There was a guided red path to keep you moving from celebrity to celebrity. My kiddos had a blast standing next to their favorite celebrities and having their picture taken! My youngest daughter's favorite was Michael Jackson. She's 8 and absolutely loves all his songs. For her to be able to pretty much stand beside him, she was absolutely giddy! All the smiles on their faces were absolutely priceless!

Moving on was Hannah's Maze of Mirrors. We had lots of fun trying to find our way out of that! It was so funny watching the kiddos going all their different ways trying to figure out where to go!

We did, however find our way out!

Next, my favorite, OUTBREAK Dread the Undead.

All I can say is you have to experience it! I was scared, but yet laughing so hard at my daughters screaming their lungs out! Just the right amount of zombies.

My oldest daughter (16) didn't want to try it. She was terrified! Once she got in there it was just a pure adrenaline rush! She came out of it laughing and so very glad that she tried it! I wouldn't recommend it for younger children. More like 11 and over.

How was it overall? AWESOME!

Would I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY!

It is a great family fun activity to experience here at the beach! Not to mention how beautiful it was and how helpful and accommodating the staff were.

So while you are in town stop by the Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach. You will have a great time and get to meet all of your favorite celebrities! What is better than that?

Till the next episode...

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