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Autumn @ The Beach

Summer is drawing to a close and it's has truly been a wonderful season!

Autumn is approaching us and the beach gets a little cooler, the days get a little shorter, and the tourist season is winding down.

What does all of that mean for you?

Are you in need of a longer cheaper vacation?

Your time is now!

The resort prices have dropped and the beach houses as well!

You can take a nice long vacation in this still warm weather for half the price!

Yes, you heard me right, half the price!

Are you a homeschooler?

Well, this is the perfect time for your family to take that much needed vacation!

You won't have to put up with the crowds and everything is cheaper!

Wonderworks and Ripley's Aquarium give homeschool discounts!

BTW we do too!

What is my point?




Take advantage of all Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand has to offer for half the price.

Till the next episode...

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